Mt. Tangkuban Perahu.

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You can see it at almost anywhere in Bandung, but it is not complete before you see its crater. If you’re in Bandung, take a look at the north side and find an unusual shape of mountain. The name itself comes from the local Legend of Sangkuriang (“Legenda Sangkuriang”) about a disobedient son who kicks his boat upside-down and then cursed into stone. Hence the name of this mountain. Tangkuban = flipped and perahu = boat mean the shape of the mountain looks like a flipped boat. It’s still an active volcanic mountain. The crater is reachable by car. Its elevation is 2084 m above the sea level and the path from Lembang is not too steep. At the crater, it is a touristic spot. Near the main crater is another amazing site, ‘Kawah Upas’, where you stand between two big craters, left and right.

Tangkuban Perahu craterWhen you reach Tangkuban Perahu, the first thing you’ll see (and most popular) is the main crater (Kawah Ratu). But don’t stop there! Many tourists miss this but it’s probably the best part of Tangkuban Perahu: Kawah Domas. A 30 min walk from Kawah Ratu, track 1.3km down to Kawah Domas to get upclose and personal with volcanic activity. K.Domas looks like hell on earth and it’s a must experience – bubbling mud, boiling hot water, and hissing sulphur vapor. Tangkuban Perahu craterYou can smell the sulfur, watch the hot water springs very closely or even buy a boiled egg from the hot surface. Don’t forget, the hike up is as tiring as the way down so it’s best to avoid flip flops!

Location: northern side of Bandung, the closest city is Lembang.
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